u had one job jasun…

but i won’t tell you what it is, and then when you go wrong, SHAME ON YOU.

i think she is an amazing character though, would like to see more of her!

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life has been slow here at fuckedupatlantiscomics

basically no comics have been made after the second episode and honestly it’s because i haven’t kept up with the series

so i’m going to have a huuuge catch up and finally get to creating some new comics for all of you!!

i would just like to apologise for my really long hiatus, i feel like i’ve really let you guys down so yes, starting this week this blog should be somewhat regularly updated with comics and more jAGORAS GLORIOUSNESS!!! 

mmmm dat profile though!!~


this show just makes it easy

okay guys, im not being funny of anything but bbc wHAT THE FUCK

in this weeks atlantis episode when hercules says “medusa and i have a bond that goes beyond physical appearance” i mean cOME ON


ugh i hate u bbc with your disregard for the fandoms feelings and your gorgon jokes

i havent had a chance to watch episode three yet because of an angry mother and school commitment (((shudder)))


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Ifrah you...Hahahaha


i sincerely hope ur laughing with me and not at me

we fkn did it guys!! thank u so much!! im just sU PER HAPPY

i really do appreciate all of you though like it does mean a lot and i know it’s only 200 but yes im still v e r y h a p p y thank u x


greek dogging

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This is my life OMG this is the funniest thing ;)


that’s actually super duper nice!!